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SF Chronicle’s Top 100 Restaurants of 2018 – If you sit at the counter of this grand restaurant, the secret of one of the best paellas in the Bay Area unfolds.

If you can’t make it to Spain, you can at least get a sample of the country at Bellota.

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Bellota stands out for its mouth-watering cuisine paired with a lively bar scene and a remarkable open layout that brings out the socialite in even the most reclusive types.

“Chef Ryan McIlwraith handles the superb Spanish food while the director of bars, Jonny Raglin, curates the beverage program. In total, it’s an all-star team from The Absinthe Group doing amazing work in the Bay Area.”

Days off are for doing slightly irresponsible things you wouldn’t do in an office setting. The best place to do so is Bellota, the Spanish spot in the Airbnb building.

Bellota’s new Monday Night Flights with Wine Director, Erin Rickenbaker.

The Mercury News

This sizzling spot in the city’s SoMa neighborhood presents classic Spanish cuisine as a feast for the senses.


Bellota – A Memorable Meal in Three Acts


Restaurant of the Year: Bellota…it’s a joy to be in the stunning, airy space any time of day, whether you choose late afternoon tapas at the bar, a full sit-down dinner of hearth-cooked mains and paella, or to stop by late night for expertly-crafted drinks and live music in the lounge.

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…the eatery has quickly emerged as the Bay Area’s top choice for Spanish food and wine.

The Absinthe Group has hit it out of the park with its latest and most ambitious restaurant, a paean to Spain…Diners who reserved a table find themselves in a large industrial space warmed on three sides by Moorish design elements and on the fourth by an open kitchen, brimming with paella pans and clay tureens, framed by a large hearth with flames blazing.

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Bellota Bar Manager, Collin Nicholas wins the 11th annual “Most Imaginative Bartender” competition, and will go on to compete in London for the North American finale. Watch an exclusive KTVU interview with him here.

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While the ham wall at Bellota is a favorite among Instagrammers, the lamps at the bar are a perfect Instagram accessory.

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SF Chronicle’s Top 100 Restaurants of 2017 – “For some of us food is like a religion. And Bellota is the perfect place to worship.”

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San Francisco’s new and shining Spanish star is all about modern takes on the tapas game and indulgent paellas.

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The fideua at Bellota is terrific…it’s a pescatarian fever dream


Bellota is a new 140-seat space offering an eclectic menu inspired by the regional cuisines of Spain. Slightly larger than traditional tapas plates, and a variety of meats and cheeses are perfect for sharing with a group and the all-Spanish wine list is smartly curated.

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Chef Ryan McIlwraith dicusses 3-year to 3-star journey with Ryan Scott: “We had our sights set really high for Bellota.”

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★ ★ ★ – Owner Bill Russell-Shapiro has created a restaurant where everyone can convert to the church of the acorn.


Rather than having to roam the neighborhood, trying snacks at numerous spots, the team at Bellota bring the pintxos, or small snacks, to you on a cart.

Montecristo Magazine

Still, the menu a Bellota has its own creative bent and its fair share of intricacy. The point is that McIlwraith never overdoes it, keeping the focus of each plate quite pure.


Bellota’s stunning dining room brings glamour back to San Francisco: The Spanish influence is in every detail … a cozy, and refined atmosphere.

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The newest project from San Francisco’s Absinthe Group is a beauty.


Bellota is blowing away SoMa diners with its blend of new-style and classic tapas and festive paellas.

Table 8

It’s the spacious hotspot among [SF Restaurant] Spanish food destinations.


In the world of fine dining, the importance of ambience cannot be overestimated. Bellota…fine tunes noise levels with Meyer Sound Constellation technology.


…this soaring space will likely soar to the top of best-of lists.

the infatuation

Bellota is our favorite place for tapas in the city…The paella is superb.


How to Fall in Love With Your City – Bellota for Spanish tapas.

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Historian Dennis McNally: “#1 on the current list of To Be Visited is Bellota”

The Mercury News

Bellota delivers a delectable (and visual) Spanish feast.

Plate: Take Food Further.

“I like that not all the gin and tonics look exactly the same…It’s supposed to be a very engaging experience. They look similar but slightly unique.” -Bar Manager, Collin Nicholas